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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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in an ordeal that lasted several hours. this morning the lahourgunman i and one of the hostages is speaking out. o team coverage just ahead. he plus we continue to track hurricane earl's path through the east coast. today north carolina will feel the brunt of the ouoal festorm state of emergency has been issued in maryland and nd virginia. we have ainthe latest on earl' track and live in ocean city as the resort towns prepare for the worst and the holiday ahead. ea details on all of the stories coming up. thanks for being with us this thursday morning. rn i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm eveyallison seymour. more now ymon today's top storyt one of the lasting scenes from yesterday's hostage situation at the discovery channel building will be concerned parents waiting to get their children who were being taken out akof the discovery kids day care inside of the building. ld all of those children were in safely reunited with their e parents. >> we'll go rentlive to the discovery channel building where there is still a police po
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presence this morning in a couple of minutes. nu but first the latest on hurricane earl. the storm expected to reach the east thcoast late tonight and into tomorrow morning, but willi not likely make a direct hit. there is still concern that the core of the storm could shift closer to the coast. president coobama has already ordered federal agencies to coordinate relief efforts. fo a state of emergency has bmaryl and north carolina. thousands of tourists heeded calls to heedevacuate in north carolina but many are vowing to ride out the storm. to >> and let's get the latest on the storm and the local weather with tucker barnes. ar >> that's neright. ig and earl intensified, gusts now to 170, impressive-looking hurricane. tracking off to the north, northwest currently at about 18t miles per hour. it looks ulike it still has a date with the outer banks after midnight tonight where we now have hurricane warnings. it's nonithe red you see on th
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hd radar. ad and then it will race up the coast. co we've extended the tropical as storm watches to canada. an so this will be a major event taking shape during the daytime hours tomorrow ytias it tracks to the north and east. want to show you something very impressive. look at the wave hights hi underneath the center of that t storm. they are approaching 37 feet. sow orget the idea. this water feeawill be pushed u the north and to the norm and west along the coastal areas and even in places like ocean oc city we could see maybe 10-15- foot waves tomorrow as the storm passes off to the north and east. i'll have eastmore on earl in a minutes. nu let's focus on our weather. at starting off with temperatures in the middle 70s. 7 75 at reagan national. on 71 in baltimore. mo 71 in winchester as well. our forecast, as i mentioned, simple one. a lot of sunshine. hot again but not quite as hot as yesterday. rd 93 the daytime high. some of higthe clouds will spi into parts of the viewing area
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during the afternoon. so mostly sunny skies. sk more details on ieearl coming u in just a couple of minutes. nu allison teand steve, i'll throwh it back to you at the desk. d even though eshurricane ear is not expected to make a direct hit, a state of emergency is in effect for t maryland and virginia. >> some towns are iniaon stand-b and sherry ly is live in ocean city, maryland, this morning. good rnmorning. >> reporter: good morning, ni allison and steve. st you mentioned the evevacuations here in ocean city, they have h no plans to evacuate. what they are doing, emergency officials are keeping an eye on hurricane earl should it come closer into the shore, they may then reconsider. but at this point no evacuations ordered. what rewe can see, if you look out loon the beaches, we have seeing the heavy surf. waves 6-8 surfeet probably thi morning. rn and it is inonly going to get worse as we go throughout the day and into the evening. en hurricane earl, the outer bands are expected to hit here late
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this evening as well as tomorrow morning being the worst. the storm expectedwo to quickly pass here. what they are telling herepeopl sustained winds of 30-40 miles per hour with gusts of 50-55 miles per hour but it would not be impossible to see some winds stronger than that. t so at this point, hano evacuations here. all heof the business as long t coast thhere are hoping that friday basically will be a wash- out, wabut as this storm passes saturday and sunday should be a great labor day weekend. ke back to you. yo >> sherry, thank you so much. let's mucget the latest on morning commute from julie wright. welcome back to a busy day. >> we hit the ground darunning with an incident on 270 north of 109 where all of the t activity has cleared. traffic is jammed badly leaving urbana reavdown to the truck sc south of so the. th folks bailing out using 355 as the alternate to travel southbound, out of frederick ck toward the exit there at
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germantown. to more slow traffic waiting at mda and g falls road toward the split. downtown is tspwhat we are focusing on at this moment. west, you've been dealing with this all week long, the , construction that took place. the pavement is milled and yet to be repaved so land yit is ve bumpy and that is adding to the delays inbound pennsylvania avenue working over toward the freeway. ee pennsylvania avenue wajammed of the sousa bridge working over towards the freeway. ew unfortunately a couple of people with flat tires as a result of that pavement. em you'll find enthat activity on both sides of the road. r and then a crash at oamain and a then on the outbound 14th street bridge tieing up the right side of the highway. gh that's a check of wayour fox 5 - time traffic. more now on ffour top story an afternoon full of drama at the discovery channel building in downtown silver spring. pr >> inhostages taken, thousands evacuated. ua several hours later, the r, gunman, james lee, is tshot dead.
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sarah simmons joins us live l with the latest now. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rn steve and allison. police, as you canli see behind me, are still on the scene at this discovery building. ld from what i understand talking with montgomery inkicounty fire officials they tell me police are still doing an investigation in the lobby area and are going to be there for or an unforeseen amount of time now. although fire officials expertso have been here throughout the t night going through the building with a h fine tooth comb. if you take a look at video. vi you can see from overnight when we first arrived, that they have been out here in full force trying to see if there he was anything else inside of the building that they needed to be aware of. we know they did evaluate e several packages. ag what those were we don't know. we knowdon't know if they were behind by discovery employees lo at this yepoint. but fire poofficials are tellin us there were four packages, ka two boxes and two backpacks that were discovered yesterday in the lobby area that they did have to disrupt, as they called
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it. at this point they believe e three of the four packages were brought into the lobby by the th alleged gunman, james lee. le they are not sure about the fourth package and not elaborating on exactly what was in -- what the contents was of those packages. of course this all gestarted -- the scene has been here throughout the night. but this started ighat 1:00 yesterday afternoon when police say a man identified as james lee came into the discovery building lobby with a long over standing grudge with the cable channel and armed with explosives and handguns. gu he wept -- he went in and took a tosecurity guard hostage and a two other men. m employees evacuated the building. it ended with the police entering and shooting the alleged gunman dead. ea a spokesperson from discovery communications had this to say at the conclusion of it. f take a listen. te >> let me just say on behalf of the company, thank you very
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much to law enforcement and montgomery county fire and rescue. it was incredibly professional operation. on they were atioin constant st communications with us. u they handled themselves with complete professionalism and we are relieved that it ended e without any ndharm to any of ou employees. oy >> reporter: now again at this point we're not quite sure when the building will reopen for or employees. ee we do know again that fire officials say they have finished the sweep through the building. again police are still holding the lobby and doing their investigation which will wi continue and we'll hear in a few minutes, steve and allison i is talking with the montgomery county police chief to get an update on that. back to hayou. yo >> thank you so much, sarah. one of the sahostages released sta statement, steve mcnulty said first stof all i want alto l thank the montgomero county police and all of the agencies that responded today to helping to ensure the safety of all of my colleagues at
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discovery communications and for helping me get to my fellows -- for helping to get me and my fellow hostages out safely. i want to thank my family and coworkers for thoughts and s prayers and i specially want to thank -- and i especially want to thank you for the support. >>pp and we are continuing to learn more about the alleged ed gunman james lee and what may have fueled his anger. an it's gean anger that has been apparently festering for years.r gurvir is more as we continue our team coverage. >> reporter: his writings online, james lee credited ed losing his job and fueling his interest in the environment. there is no meway to explain th twisting way he sought attention. nt james lee was no danger to
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downtown silver spring. ri see here during his bizarre protested against discovery communications two and a half years ago. s >> he was essentially taking homeless individuals and payingy them sums of money to protest along with him at otesthe site the building. ld >> reporter: he intook it a ste further in that week of february of 2008, tossing in thousands of cash in the air in the silver spring business district. ri for this james lee was arrested, charged and convicted of disorderly conduct, ordered to stay away from discovery headquarters for two years. a probationary period ended art weeks ago. s >> i'm agvery shocked that he took to these kind of measures. >> reporter: his brother-in-law thomas leonard said lee was a troubled man. m >> we know that there were a few deaths in the family that t his spirit, you know, took a nosedive and he kind of startedr going -- becoming a darker type
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of character. >> reporter: in the middle of the hostage crisis, lee spoke with an nbc producer in new po york. yo >> do you have a gun? g >> i have a gun. a and i have a bomb. bo i have several bombs strapped to my body, ready to go off. of >> reporter: his website rantings against discovery justj as chilling. stop llinall shows glorifying h birthing on all of your channels. ne find solutions for global warming, automotive pollution, international trade and factory pollution and the whole blasted human economy. infertility must be nopushed. a shenative hawaiian, lee was a one-time artist in the movie industry, jail ford a few years in southern california. >> i think living in the shadowo of some of his siblings' success, perhaps one of the most talented persons but s misguided that i've buever met.e >> reporter: in that telephone
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interview with nbc james lee es said he built lthe bombs he ha with him in three weeks and if he dropped them, they would explode. pl steve. ev >> and we continue to follow w this story online at c. we have comore details on the gunman, plus more video and pictures from the scene. ce you'll find this all again online where you can access our twitter feed and post your own comments. that's at c. and coour coverage of the discovery channel gunman gu situation continues. in coming up uein just a few momen on fox 5 morning news, we'll be joined by chief manger, the police chief, who will join us live. s,rc
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. and earl just keeps on moving. >> he keeps on churning. >> but i was happy to hear that we'll miss any of the effects here. just feel the breeze. >> it will be across the bay and the cloud cover will increase and along the coast it will be raging for a time during the morning hours and into the early afternoon tomorrow. so if you're going down to the beaches, i would wait. here i am. good morning, everybody. and then saturday morning things will boost up. let's get to it. satellite radar, and we have a couple of players here. and first let me focus on today. no problems here in washington. just a lot of sunshine. we'll continue this pattern we've had going for several days with bright sunshine and high temperatures. cooler today. only go low to mid-90s. to three or four degree cooler than yesterday. out to the west is a cold front and that will kick earl out to sea and bring us a beautiful weekend with cooler and drier air moving in just in time for
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the weekend to start on saturday. there is a great looking earl. and look how impressive that satellite picture is at this hour. continuing to fire on all cylinders. maximum winds at 140 miles per hour with gusts to 170. it should experience some wind sheer. hurricanes don't like that and it should weaken approaching the carolina coastline. passing east of cape hatteras overnight hours and then be parked off the delmarva peninsula on the way to the north and east during the morning hours tomorrow. so bottom line, conditions will deteriorate rapidly along the coastal areas late this afternoon and later tonight. because of that we have hurricane warnings in north carolina and a lot of hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings up and down the eastern seaboard. for us, right now, 74 degrees at reagan national. 66 at dulles. 70 degrees at bwi marshall. our high temperatures later today, back into the 90s. but this is going to be it. i think we'll cool it down for the weekend and you can see
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saturday, sunday and monday, once earl is out of here it will be glorious area wide with temperatures near 80. let's get through today. julie wright will help us get through the morning commute. >> it's not an easy one either. we have a lot to talk about downtown. westbound we've been dealing with rough pavement. it's milled but not repaved. causing delays on the sousa bridge and then troubles committing to the out bound 14th street bridge. the accident tieing up the left side of the roadway. that is what is slowing you down off of the bridge sound bound on to 395. douglas bridge, had an accident reported there as well. outer loop below speed, 95 past university boulevard around to georgia. all lanes open to the sunshine off the inner. slow leaving urbana to 109 and germantown to mva and falls road to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
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time traffic. it was a major debate less than weeks before the d.c. primary and mayor fenty going up against his challenger vincent gray at the newseum. karen gray houston has the latest on the political front. [ chanting ] >> reporter: outside, before the candidates went at it, there was the hoopla. >> don't forget mayor fenty. rs ready and the slug fest was on. >> the issue of cronyism will not be a factor in the gray administration as it is in this administration where $82 million in contracts have gone to the fraternity brothers. >> surely he read the washington post editorial statement on sunday where it said, and i'll quote, mr.
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fenty's friends did not receive $82 million. >> reporter: fenty who trails gray by 14 points in a washington post poll also harped on a new team in his campaign. in his rush to make the side better, he said, he's made mistakes. >> i have to do a better job making people feel good about that change so they include it in a part of that. and i commit to that. >> reporter: vincent gray is skeptical. >> frankly, i don't think it's a change of heart, it's a change of strategy. >> reporter: the mayor does appear to be shifting gears. he brought his wife michelle along and she hold reporters that she's hurt that people see her husband as aloof and arrogant. >> i think the point is the reason he goes out there every day moving a thousand miles an hour for the people. >> reporter: she said she's been private because she's a full time lawyer and has three young children but now she feels the need to defend herman. >> they don't understand that the whole point of his actions is for them. it's very difficult, it's very
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difficult. >> reporter: 13 days and county michelle fenty said you'll see more of her as the campaign winds down. in washington, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> and the candidates for mayor will face off here on fox 5 morning news. tune in toer a live debate in -- tune in for a live debate tomorrow morning at our studios here at 9:00 a.m. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, relief comes for drivers waiting on a dmv glitch statewide. stay tuned. we'll be right back. it's not back-to-school,
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it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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making headlines this morning, wait is over for virginia drivers trying to get their driver's licenses. dmv is processing applications this morning. they are extending hours today
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and friday until 6:00 p.m. to help process the big backlog. now, if you are heading on over expect the long lines when you get there. federal prosecutors filing corruption charges against a popular lawmaker from prince george's county. feds say eulessis curry took $5,000 in bribes from food stores. he took the money over six years while working as a consultant for the supermarket chain. just about 8:25 now and coming up next on fox 5 morning news, police are still on the scene of discovery channel's headquarters. as they investigate yesterday's standoff that ended with the gunman dead. we'll get the latest next. plus a gathering of the middle east leaders at the white house. we'll take a closer look at the issues they'll be discussing. and we continue to track hurricane earl's track of the east coast. we'll get the latest forecast. it's all coming up.
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police are still on the scene of the discovery channel head quarters in downtown silver spring where an armed man burst into the building yesterday afternoon with explosives strapped to his body. police say the man took a security guard and two other men hostage after a four-hour long standoff. police shot and killed lee after he saw him point his gun at one of the hostages. the gunman is identified as james jay lee, a man in his 40s who was from hawaii and lived in southern california. he had a problem with the discovery programming. and let's take a live look at ocean city, maryland, where the effects the storm starting to be felt. we just saw a beautiful sunrise there, but when you look at the surf, the waves starting to kick up a little bit. slightly misleading because of the dropoff but the waves up to 6 feet this morning.
7:30 am
earl is not expected to make a direct hit but a state of emergency has been declared in maryland, virginia and north carolina. some 30,000 residents have been ordered to leave hatteras island on the outer banks of north carolina but ocean city looks like a good start to the day. >> just a high over cast associated with earl and the cloud cover there, cirrus clouds. tropical storm warning and hurricane watch for ocean city. so things will deteriorate there during the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow morning will be the worst of it across the lower eastern shore. so we have a lot going on. >> i hope it gets through with minimal damage. >> and meanwhile we've had a heat wave and points north. up in new york city and up in new england and providence, up into the 90s. a lot of heat. let's get to earl. and as i mentioned all morning, the tropical storm warnings and watches, they have been extended now. focus on the red first. that's in north carolina, the
7:31 am
outer banks, that is now a hurricane warning. the blue you see, hurricane watch and underneath that we have a tropical storm warning and now the tropical storm warnings have been extended to long island. hurricane watches, warnings, tropical storm warnings all the way up to can day-- to canada so. this will wrap up on saturday as the remnants of earl will push up into canada and strike parts of the canadian merry time as a hurricane. and look how impressive. maximum winds 145 miles per hour. i mentioned gusts up to about 170. this is a very powerful category four hurricane. it looks like it's trying to have dry air on the western side and the official forecast calls for it to weaken slightly approaching the coast of north carolina with the combination of wind sheer and cooler ocean
7:32 am
temperatures should start to put the kibosh on the intensity and it's pushes off to the north and east over the next couple of days. let's try to time it out for you a little bit. things will start to fall apart in north carolina later this afternoon and then by about midnight tonight they should have some hurricane-force winds in the outer banks. by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow parked off the coast, maybe as close as 50 miles to the east of cape hatteras. and then off the delmarva peninsula tomorrow morning and pushing off to the north and east and get out of here in time to salvage most of the weekend. if you have thoughts about going to the beach from carolinas to southern new england, by saturday afternoon it will be sunny and bright and beautiful, and most of the weekend should feature great conditions here in washington and along the easten seaboard. 75 in annapolis. 72 in leonardtown. we're going to be hot today with the lows in the mid-90s.
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so a few more clouds than yesterday associated with earl but no big changes today. code orange air advisory. and we have a coastal flood advisory as the water gets pushes toward the chesapeake. tides running 1-3 feet above average. there is your forecast. and great weekend. saturday, sunday and monday look fantastic. low 80s. >> thank you, tucker. and you can depend on fox 5 when severe weather strikes. head to -- head to it's all just a click away. and let's get the morning commute with julie wright. hey, i haven't said nice to see you. >> nice to see you. it is a tough commute for those traveling in virginia. an accident on the out bound 14th street bridge and they
7:34 am
just cleared that up and the lanes are reopen, but west on to the free way off of the sousa bridge, they are still waiting for it to be repaved. but it is very bumpy and on the right side there are a couple of man holes sticking up and as a result we have a couple of people with flat tires off sousa bridge. this is inbound toward the free way where the lanes are open again out bound across the 14th street bridge. top side, outer loop, below speed, college park into silver spring with 29 traffic slow from stewart lane to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. police still on the scene of yesterday's deadly standoff at the discovery channel building in silver spring. >> the hours long ordeal came to an end after the suspect james lee was shot and killed. the three suspects he had been holding were unharmed. for the latest on the
7:35 am
investigation we're joined by chief manger. chief, if you could just put us in the mind frame. we waited yesterday with baited breath to wait for the outcome. put us in the mind frame of what happened yesterday. >> well what you have is a man who comes in, armed with a handgun, he's got explosives strapped to his chest, he's brought in two backpacks, two boxes. he immediately tells everyone in the lobby to freeze. some folks got out. as you said, he had kept three hostages. we were on the phone with him for the better part of four hours. i would characterize his mood as very angry. he a wide range of emotions during the time we spoke with him. but we were very concerned about the explosives that he had on his person. he had in his hand what appeared to be a switch that had a little wire coming from it so we were concerned about him having some radio controlled switch to an
7:36 am
explosive. we watched him take a pin out of the switch and then put it back in a couple of times. and of course as we were working, we knew that we wanted to get him to calm down. our primary goal was to get him to release the hostages. we just had no success in -- in getting him to do that. he obviously had a lot of issu he was working through. >> and when your officers encountered him, did you feel like he was at least considering or had the potential to harm some of those hostages at that point? >> well he had said throughout our conversations with him, that he was ready to die. when we had -- unbe known to him, we were watching him via security camera and so we can
7:37 am
see him and hear him from the position of our team. we saw the hostages move. we saw -- heard him shout and then heard a pop. we're still trying to determine whether he fired his weapon or whether that was him detonating one of the devises on his person. but at that instant, our folks came around and confronted him. he turned to them, had his gun out and it was at that point that the officers fired at him. >> chief, let's go to this morning and what is happening now. you mentioned the devices. i know you had officers there throughout the night and some things were found inside the building and you can shed light on what you found? >> well he had on his person two propane cylinders and attached those were pipes with shotgun shells in them. and he had pipe bombs with fire work explosives in them.
7:38 am
the bomb squad destroyed the boxes and backpacks and detonated them but we were able to determine that we had a second handgun there, some batteries and a variety of other things that we went through. our primary goal now is we've cleared the building, the building is safe and we're searching the perimeter to make sure he didn't put anything outside of the building. >> this man had a lot of time to think about what he was doing, he had already been in trouble in the same area protesting there at the discovery channel. he came armed with those explosives. how bad could this have been yesterday? >> well the report i've gotten from the fire marshalls and the bomb squad are that these explosive devices were actually very crude. their estimate of the damage they could have done, i don't think that the damage would have been extensive, but it certainly may have been bad enough that it would have -- could possibly have harmed the
7:39 am
hostages. so again that was our primary goal, was to get the hostages out of harm's way. and i have to say that hostages displayed tremendous courage throughout this ordeal. they were hearing one side of the conversations that we were having with the suspect and where he repeatedly said he was ready to die. he had no regard for the lives of the hostages. and so for them to maintain the presence of mind that they did was just tremendous on their part. >> chief, let's try to end this on a positive note. we understand the folks at discovery did have an evacuation plan already in place. how much does something like that help when it comes to a situation like this. >> i think this is proof- positive that when you have the plans in place and practice the plans that in fact when something does happen, you can implement them and people follow the direction because as far as we could tell, the folks at discovery followed their instructions that they were given, kept them safe. we were able to ensure the safety of all of the children
7:40 am
that were at the day care center, get them reunited with their parents, so having one of those emergency plans, practicing it, it really is a necessity for large agencies and large organizations and businesses like discovery. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us chief manger and we are happy this happened the way it did yesterday. >> thank you. >> chief manger from montgomery county police. it is now 7:40 and coming up on fox 5 morning news, a gathering ever middle east leaders at the white house on wednesday as the president tried to broker a peace deal. more talks continue today. coming up after the break, we'll take a closer look at the issues they'll be discussing.
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historic peace talks start in three hours at the state department. for the first time in 20 months israeli and palestinian leaders discuss peace in the middle
7:44 am
east. secretary of state hillary clinton is hosting the talks. she'll sit down with the israeli president and the palestinian prime minister. >> we seek a peace that will last for generations. our generation, our children's generation and the next. >> let us sign a final agreement for peace and put an end to a very long period of struggle. >> do we have the wisdom and the courage to walk the path of peace? >> the direct talks start at 10:00 this morning. right now mark gopen from the institute for conflict and analysis at george mason joins us to talk about the issues at the peace talks. in the interest of full disclosure, according to your website, you are jewish. >> yes. >> and not that it would impact your analysis and we want to talk about what may happen. we saw that today the secretary of state will talk to the folks we just talked about.
7:45 am
we've been down this road before, we've seen this happen. why might this time be any different? >> well there is some vast improvements in terms of the potential of this relationship now because prime minister abas has begun building a vast improvement of transparency and security services. yesterday after the terrorist attack it was the p.a. that cramped down trying to stop another terrorist incident. so there is interest on a certain level that could suggest a hopeful new relationship. but there is a long road to go. >> right. and palestinian leader coming out and said unless we make changes to the settlement in the west bank, we won't agree with anything. is this a traditional road block we've seen in the past or
7:46 am
is it just posturing? what are we looking at? >> one we're going to look to see to what degree the settlements will pose a road block to the continuing negotiations. because there is pressure on benjamin netanyahu, and for others to pull out if they continue to take pieces of who would be palestine. and the whole question of the talks is, is there a palestine. are there final boarders that will demarkate or is this a joke. the key is going to be final boarders, including in jerusalem, and what are the -- what will help that and what will disrupt that. that's what we're looking for. >> for the people in the middle east, just the fact they are talking, will that make a difference, or is it that we've been down this road before and
7:47 am
let's see some action and see something happen or is it a positive sign they are coming face-to-face. >> there is very little trust in the middle east of the current israeli leadership. what people will be looking for are real facts on the ground and real evidence of change or confidence-building measures that may come out of this and that's where i hope mitchell and his team go, which is an immediate sense of improvement in the situation on the ground in terms of security and in terms of honor and respect for both sides, gestures of confidence-building that are substantive. >> i know both president obama and secretary of state clinton have said they hope that this will lead to a series of discussions and with the ideal that within a year some change or agreement may be made. are today's talks, last night's talks at the white house, today's talks at the state department, is this critical of having more talks in the future and being able to continue this process? >> i think it's very enticing
7:48 am
that we have such a terrific team in the white house and the state department to encourage this. we have some serious moves by netanyahu to push for these talks and we have process that fayed with the creation of palestine. the question is whether they can come to an agreement about the boarders and the status of jerusalem where defense finnister barack today said jerusalem will have to be shared as well and these are sensitive political issues. nobody wants to give away all of their cards right away and yet everyone know what's the final settlement has to be. >> right. it's fascinating. we'll find out more in a couple of hours and we'll see what happens with the talks with the secretary of state. thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate your insight. we'll turn things over to tucker barnes right now. very pretty on shore, but it's
7:49 am
what is off shore that is the problem this morning. >> that's right. and we have an update from the national hurricane center. here in washington, no problems today, just sunshine and hot temperatures. the 8:00 a.m. advisory with earl now, maximum winds still 145 miles per hour. off to the northwest it goes at 18 miles per hour. pressure up a little bit, 932 millibars. now 355 miles south of cape hatteras, north carolina. so again expected to brush the outer banks of north carolina during the overnight hours tonight and then race off to the north and east but it will be a close call and this is a very intense hurricane. so stay tuned. our forecast an easy one. 90 degrees and plenty of sunshine. a cool-down will culminate in a beautiful weekend. saturday, sunday and monday, high temperatures only in the low 80s. low humidity. good looking forecast. that's a quick look at the forecast. steve and allison, back to you. holly this morning is
7:50 am
helping us explore middle eastern culture. >> and we'll check in with her after the break. stay with us. 
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the 17th annual middle eastern food festival going on at the holy transfiguration
7:53 am
church this weekend. >> and holly is there as they gear up for the cultural event. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and i do a lot of festival and this is a new one. i'm excited about that. but i'm most excited because i get to meet a lot of new wonderful people like father joseph frankavilla. your hospital is great. >> we're delighted to have you here. >> reporter: and the church is the holy transconfiguration church. >> yes. >> reporter: tell me about your parish. >> they're from the holly land and the garden variety americans like myself and we are very proud of our heritage because we come from the land where christianity had its origin. we are fully catholic and yet maintain eastern traditions. you can see our church looks different from the churches that you're customed to see in the catholic church. we have an alter area behind
7:54 am
the screen and we have icons or images on the screen of the alter and we perform our lit earthy in english. we have english in the lit -- the lit earthy. >> reporter: how big is the congregation? >> about 200 families. according to our tradition, this is a large parish. >> reporter: well you answered my question as far as why would a catholic church have a middle eastern food festival, but obviously that is a lot of your congregation. and when did you start doing the festival? >> we started about 15 years ago or so and we're doing it on various places around the northern virginia area and we decided it would be better for us to have it at our own surroundings with the wonderful church facility and grounds and plenty of parking for everybody and we have a chance to show case not only our culture, our faith and also our delicious food.
7:55 am
>> reporter: well you have a lot to show case here and a lot for everyone to enjoy. thank you, father joseph. i appreciate your time. and one thing you can see is the dancing that will be going on. i'm working over to mona. she is in charge of the festival dancers. good morning to you. >> good morning, holly, how are you? >> reporter: i'm doing very well. i love all of the bright colors. >> thank you. these are very authentic colors and they add a lot to the pictures. would you like to try one? >> reporter: i never turn down a new outfit. so tell me what i'm putting on here. >> this is a hostess dress. it's typical of the middle eastern area. >> reporter: and you were telling me there are different types of dresses, depending on the areas that they are representing. >> that's right. and this is all coming from the middle east, when is lebanon palestine, jordan. my clothing is like an out door clothing. >> reporter: and mona, when did
7:56 am
you wear this? >> when i was 17. >> reporter: she wore this when she was 17. 28 years. high five me on that. you look great. >> thank you. >> reporter: tell me about the dancings that going on. >> okay. well this is a line dance and it means a sound, which is a typical aspect of the dance. it's a line dancing and it goes on in the village whenever there is a celebration. there is music, poetry and dancing. the boys and girls, here they are, they can catch up with the men. so it becomes a social gathering. >> reporter: and you will have performances and will you have an opportunity for people to learn and join in? >> that's what we do, we entertain and at the same time we invite people to join us for the dance and we simply follow the steps and they feel like the family and it adds to the gathering. >> reporter: and i can assure you if you come you'll feel
7:57 am
like part of the family because they've made us feel that way. going off at the holy transfiguration church. on saturday it's 11-11 and sunday its noon until 6:00. it doesn't cost anything to get in. you just buy your food when you are here. saturday night is the special dinner. and speaking of all of the food, coming up in the next hour we'll focus on the grilling and the sweets. back to you all in the studio. >> let the dieting start now. 7:57 right now. coming up after 8:00, much more on our two stories, hurricane earl and the hostage situation at the discovery channel. plus overnight a big named rapper was arrested. >> somebody who just visited us. >> i know. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. >> that is the voice of the man who terrorized employees at the discovery channel in downtown silver spring. he took three people hostage before police shot and killed him. today we are learning much more about james lee as police find
8:01 am
more suspicious packages inside the building. good morning, and thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. another big story today is hurricane earl, getting stronger overnight. we have live team coverage from the outer banks and the maryland shore. sherry. >> reporter: here in ocean city, maryland, things are starting to get rough. waves are pounding the beaches here as the city prepares for the brunt of hurricane earl still to come. we'll have a live interview with the mayor of ocean city on the preparations being made. >> sherry, thank you very much. tucker barnes joins us with a look at earl and our forecast. where sherry is, ocean city, the shore areas, what can we expect throughout the day? >> just fine today. in fact conditions should be ideal. cloud cover increasing later and then into the overnight hours, particularly tomorrow morning, that's when the worst of it will hit as earl starts to move in from the south. so today no problems down at least at the local beaches different story in the carolinas where earl is getting closer. there is a look at your hd
8:02 am
radar. got an update moments ago. earl now 355 miles south of cape hatteras pushing off to the north, northwest at 18. that's a very impressive hurricane. nice symmetry and outflow. winds continue to be 145 miles per hour with gusts to about 170. so they don't get much stronger than this. it passes just to the east of cape hatteras and up the eastern seaboard and we continue that until tomorrow along the eastern shore. and today no problems. 74 at reagan national. 72 in fredericksberg. 66 out at both frederick and dulles international airport. our forecast, just sunshine here today. mostly sunny skies, code orange air quality, 93 degrees. and then of course there will be cloud cover later today associated with earl and we have changes in our forecast tomorrow and through the weekend. i'll have those details in a second. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic out there. good morning. >> outer loop of the beltway 95
8:03 am
at college park, two separate accidents in your way between 95 and new hampshire in the process of clearing. 395 slow across the 14th street bridge. mill pavement on the westbound freeway slowing down the roll off pennsylvania. southbound 270 jammed up from rockville to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. more now on our top story. an afternoon full of drama at the discovery channel building in downtown silver spring. hostages taken, thousands evacuated. several hours later the gunman, james lee, is shot dead. this morning the activity continues at discovery channel headquarters. that's where sarah simmons is with the latest development. >> reporter: montgomery county police are still here on the scene this morning. they're probably going to be here for quite sometime. they're still holding the lobby for further information and they are looking into that. we do know that discovery said it will open the building starting at 10:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon.
8:04 am
they are going to allow employees to come back in and gather the things that they were not able to get yesterday and they will also have counselors on hand to talk with folks who feel the need to do so. and they expect to open the building back up as it closes at 1:00. they expect it to open back up next tuesday. now again, as i mentioned, police are still holding the lobby for their investigation but overnight montgomery county fire and ems were here throughout the night with a fine tooth comb looking for any other possible explosive devises, evaluating everything we could find but they did disrupt four items, two backpacks and boxes found in the lobby. three of which they are telling us are pretty certain that the alleged gunman james jay lee did bring into the lobby with him. they are not sure about the contents of these or at least not telling us at this point what was exactly inside of those.
8:05 am
now again 1900 employees and the kids that were inside of that day care were evacuated yesterday afternoon. in the meantime, police spent hours negotiating with the gunman. montgomery county police chief tom manger spoke about those moments early this morning on fox 5 morning news. take a listen. >> we were on the phone with him for the better part of four hours. i would characterize his mood as very angry. he had a wide range of emotions during the time we spoke with him. but we were very concerned about the explosives that he had on his person. he had in his hand what appeared to be a switch that had a little wire coming from it so we were concerned about him having some radio controlled switch to an explosive. he repeatedly said he was ready to die. he no regard for the lives of the hostages. so for them to maintain the presence of mind that they did was just tremendous on their part. >> reporter: and again all of those hostages, all three, did
8:06 am
get out safely. and one of the hostages is speaking out with a statement that we have for you this morning. jim mcnulty an employee here saying i want to thank the montgomery county police and all of the agencies that responded today for helping to ensure the safety of all of my colleagues at discovery communications and for helping to get me and my fellow hostages out safely. i want to thank my family, friends and coworkers for thoughts and prayers during the situation and i especially want to thank discovery for their support. he also said i thank you all for your concern during these heroing hours. back out here live, 10:00 a.m. they are expected to hope the building for employees. counselors will be on hand for what were obviously very heroing hours here yesterday. steve and allison, back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. this brought great attention to an individual who thought threatening lives would help him spread a message that he believed in.
8:07 am
the author of the book the profiler pat brown joins us with how someone like james lee rationalizes his actions in his own mind. good morning. >> good morning, allison. >> let's talk about this kind of personality. not afraid or eager to take hostages to further his own message. what kind of personality were police dealing with yesterday? >> well first of all it's important to realize that he wasn't murthing a message that he even believed in himself. this is a psychopath who has hung his hat on an issue he's made big to get attention. and it could have been environmental, it could have been something else. it really doesn't matter. a lot of people are saying, he had this and he was adamant about this. and he was concerned no. he wasn't. he is a psychopath. he could care less about anything in the world and he cared only about himself and this is his way of being important. and by doing this thing at the discovery channel, he was the biggest thing in the world at that particular moment and he got everybody's attention and that's all he wants. >> all eyes and ears were on
8:08 am
this across the nation. we spoke with the montgomery county police chief and he said that this man said he wasn't afraid to die. how dangerous is something like that when he has lives in his hands. >> well it's extremely dangerous. we're talking about a person that is angry and a lot of rage at society. not for what society is doing but for the fact they haven't given him the credit for being who he is and this is similar to a mass murderer. when he first came in, i saw his bomb thing going and i was hoping they could talk him out of it but he did have a mind of a mass murderer. so they don't care if they die at the end of the day, they want to know they are going to get their name in the paper, the manifesto and they'll be famous and go down in history and that makes him feel good before he shot, which is a good ending. >> well police did take him down, but this kind of personality, pat, do they have the courage to take it all the way of the? >> oh, absolutely. they don't have that much going on in their life. this is their moment in the sun and they don't care what
8:09 am
happens to themselves after that point because they know they've achieved it. this is a fan who hasn't a chiefed much in his life. we see most mass murderers in their life, they're mostly in their 40s and they see they won't get any further and they want to go and do it in the biggest way possible. and he did achieve that. so one can't say he failed in his mission. >> and for the first time that i can remember when asked about his personality from the family members and the like they say yeah, he was dangerous and abusive to people in the family. we're not sure what that means, but they did not have good things to say about him. surprising? >> not at all. because this man has been a psychopath forever so he won't treat family members well. he'll be a manipulator and liar and i hear he extorted money from them and he said he was dying of some disease and they gave him money to help him and of course he went down to the discovery chanel and started throwing money all over the
8:10 am
streets. he was seeking attention, seeking to control other people. he is perfectly willing to lie or do whatever he needs to to get it done. and i want to mention this book he was quoting called my ishmael by quinn and that poor man is thinking this morning, my book influenced him. it had nothing to do with your book. it's the same reason somebody quotes the bible or pick out a sentence and say this is what i'm focused on and that is what inspired me but that had nothing to do with it. he just borrowed that to justify what he was doing. >> pat brown, thank you so much. >> thanks. coming up next, more on our other top story which is hurricane earl. we are live on the outer banks of north carolina where the storms are expected to hit first. also live in ocean city, maryland, where we'll see activity tomorrow. we'll check out new images nasa has been taken from inside the storm. that is coming up. and also coming up, a new report on executive pay.
8:11 am
it names which ceo's are making more and more money while cutting the pay of their employees. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
hurricane earl actually picked up a little strength overnight. the now category four storm once again has sustained 145 m watches and warnings up from canada down to north carolina. >> fox's craig bosswell joins us live from nags head this morning where most tourists have been evacuated. craig, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. picking up a little breeze this morning. getting breezier as the morning goes along. we're expecting tropical storm force winds. the roughest part of the storm between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. while hurricane earl is expected to stay mostly off of the coast, it is one of the strongest hurricanes to threat ep the east coast in years. so people here are not risking it. >> you don't take no chances. >> you don't assume. >> reporter: the president has ordered federal agencies to
8:15 am
coordinate relieve effort as head of hurricane earl. the governors of north carolina, virginia and maryland have declared states of emergency. >> be ready. because none of us can tell what will happen. you're all here in the news, the same news that i'm hearing. we're fairly certain we can expect a category three storm that is a big storm. it's a major hurricane. >> reporter: residents and visitors have been ordered to evacuate the outer banks and voters are trying to keep their boats safe during an unsafe time. >> every time a hurricane comes up the coast we try to be prudent to make sure the boat doesn't get damaged. >> you get the widest slip you can get. >> reporter: for tourists, it is discouraging. >> we will come back, maybe not this time of year. >> reporter: many locals riding out the storm. >> when you leave, you can't get back. if the road washes out and the anxiety of not knowing what happens to your property, not being here is worse than staying here through a storm.
8:16 am
>> troops in the north carolina national guard has been deployed to help with any response as hurricane earl continues to track along the coastline. after 80:00 we'll check in with sherry ly in ocean city, maryland, this morning. and let's check in with tucker barnes this morning. >> before we get to hurricane earl, let's take a quick break and do the coolness factor of the day. it is time for the first 5 photo of the day. this is amar'e. get this. his family said he's being potty trained and like any growing man, he finds nothing better than a newspaper and a cold cup of milk. taking care of business. >> how cute is that. >> what are you reading? is that a cartoon? >> i can't see it. it looks like a news story. he's serious. >> he's all business. >> i wish i could see that face, but what i can see he's
8:17 am
cute. >> i think that's an original. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. let's get to it and take a look at the maps. and max 2 will slow you a couple of factors in our forecast over the next couple of days. first of all, want to oint out here in washington, mid- atlantic, a little cloud cover associated with earl off to the south and east and i want to point out to the north and west we have a cold front that will deliver fantastic weather this weekend and more importantly it will kind of help shunt earl out to sea. there is your satellite radar. you can see that eye, very impressive. 145 mile-per-hour winds. that's sustained. gusts over 170. pressure way down, 932 millibars. tracking to the north, northwest at 18 miles per hour. we're expecting it to take more of a northerly jog and eventually northeast and parallel the coast as it works up toward southern new england
8:18 am
during the daytime hours tomorrow. so we're not done with earl yet. once we get into saturday morning, earl will be up into the canadian merry times -- maritimes. and we're 71 at dulles, 73 at bwi marshall. our high temperatures later this afternoon will once again top out in the low to mid-90s. so a little cooler than yesterday but still way above where we should be this time of year. tomorrow breezy conditions, partly cloudy skies as earl passes to the east and the cold front moves in from the west and then as i mentioned, the weekend looks fantastic. low 80s, saturday sunday and labor day with low humidity. that's a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest. a situation taking place downtown, 2nd and massachusetts avenue. intersection blocked off and as a result they have shut down the third street tunnel in each direction between the freeway and new york avenue so that's where all of the traffic headed eastbound has nowhere to go. they can't go into the tunnel
8:19 am
because of the police activity. inner loop slow leaving the ikea with two separate incidents clear. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. an annual report on compensation for corporate ceo's finds that pay for top executives was more than double hast year than in the 1990s and quadruple the compensation rate of the 1980s and the institute for policy studies say that ceo's who cut the company payrolls took home 42% more in pay last year tan the average for top executives. joining us with now with more on this top-level pay trends is sarah anderson, lead author of the latest exec report. and we were talking before we came on, talking about the study and the findings here. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> it is nice to be here. >> tell us how you came to get this information first and how did you find out? >> we gather the information
8:20 am
from public sources. companies in this country that are publicly traded do have to report their executive compensation information to the fdc so we analyze that data and then connected it to the company's known announcement about layoffs. and so we focused in on the 50 companies with the biggest layoffs since the beginning of the crisis and what their ceo's made last year and what we found is that these 50 top job- cutting ceo's made an average $12 million last year and that was 42% more than other s&p 500 companies. >> and i have to say, this makes you want to pull your hair out when folks are getting laid off and people can't find jobs and it just seems that those pockets are getting fatter. is this what you found away from the study and the academics of it all. >> it really is outrageous and
8:21 am
it is a sign of how perverse awards are. not only do they cut jobs, they are being paid much more than ceo's who haven't had these kind of massive job cuts. and so i think it just reinforces our point that there have been some small steps toward reforming the executive pay system but a lot more needs to be done to rain in this system that -- rein in the system. >> what did you find with the salaries? >> it was a little different. fred hasan of sharing plow, he oversaw a merger with merck and he got a 33 million-dollar golden parachute when he left the company. so the 16,000 workers who lost their jobs didn't get anything and he walked away with a total of $50 million last year.
8:22 am
now in the past a lot of the financial companies were the big winers in terms of ceo pay. a lot of those didn't pay their top guy that much last year, knowing the spotlight was really on them because of the financial crisis. but if you look at other high- level executives you can see they were still shoveling multi- million dollar pay packages to these guys. so the system hasn't changed and they haven't learned very much from the financial crisis. >> we'll be watching and pulling our hair out and doing nothing because what can we do? it's private industry. thank you. it's 8:22 on this thursday morning. some good news and bad news. if your planning a trip to the virginia dmv today. we'll share the details of both coming up next. and consider a trip to mclean virginia where you can taste some foods at the middle
8:23 am
eastern food festival. and we have a preview coming up later on on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. it's coming up. some p people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
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lines at virginia dmv offices today. the state has finally started processing driver's licenses and i.d. cards after the system was shut down due to computer problems. dmv will extend their hours at all 74 locations today and tomorrow until 6:00 p.m. to help to process the big backlog. well if you are visually impaired, don't expect cabs to stop for you. that's from a study at the equal rights center. half of d.c. cab drivers did not stop for blind people. the group conducted 30 tests and said 15 passed blind people with their dogs. local and federal laws require businesses and taxis to make reasonable accommodations for the visually impaired. 8:26 on this thursday morning. coming up, updates on top stories, including new information with the hostages
8:27 am
at the discovery center. and we'll check with nasa for live pictures inside of hurricane earl. we'll be right back. it's 8:26. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next with a blackberry curve,
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it is now 8:30 as we update today's top stories. police are still on the scene of the discovery communications headquarters in downtown silver spring where gunman james lee stormed the building wearing explosives yesterday. he took three hostages but was shot and killed by police four hours later. none of the hostages, nor any other employees, were hurt. several packages left inside the building were evaluated overnight. four of the packages were disrupted by montgomery county police. workers who had to evacuate yesterday are being allowed back inside the building for three hours today between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to gather belongings and then the building will close again until tuesday. and hurricane earl got a little stronger overnight. winds are now at 145 miles per
8:31 am
hour. most tourists have been evacuated from the outer banks of north carolina. states of emergency have been declared in north carolina, virginia and maryland. we're going to go out live to ocean city coming up in just five minutes. right now we want to get to tucker barnes with both earl and what is happening here in the d.c. area. >> let's get right to earl. and allison just mentioned, maximum winds 145 miles per hour, gusts over 170. and very impressive. this is our satellite. off to the north and west it looks like it's getting dry and that's a good sign. it should weaken a little bit as it approaches the coastline of north carolina later tonight and it will encounter cooler water temperatures and a little wind sheer. so that will be a bright spot in the forecast but this is still a major hurricane during the daytime hours tomorrow. let's talk about the track. and this is critical here. and we have a pretty good beat on it but it looks like it will be just off shore later tonight but this is a very close call
8:32 am
at cape hatteras. they're likely to see hurricane- force winds as it passes and by tomorrow morning the forecast is for it to be still a major hurricane with winds at about 135 miles per hour. the worse for us or the lower eastern shore is during the early-morning hours tomorrow and then racing off to the north and east after clipping the southern cape of new england and into can did canada during saturday. and approachinrday morning and afternoon. our weather forecast, an easy one. hot this afternoon with highs back in the low 90s with a lot of sunshine. 77 in reagan national, 73 downtown in quantico. a lot of sunshine and southerly breeze with winds out of the south at 5-10. we do have a coastal flood advisory as water is pushed up ahead of earl. tomorrow 91 degrees. breezy at times, particularly east and south, closer to the shore.
8:33 am
and saturday, sunday and monday look fantastic with bright sunshine and highs in the low 80s. that's a look at the forecast. steve, back to you at the desk. tucker not the only one keeping a close eye on earl. so are nasa scientists who are flying over the storm with a fleet of specially equipped arms. a hurricane scientist from nasa joins us from the space center. good morning. >> good morning. >> talk about the process and what you are able to do and what you can learn from doing this? >> nasa is flying high altitude aircraft out of florida and california. we get into the upper level eye. look at this image. this is from a couple of days ago, flying at 40,000 feet into the eye of earl as it develops. this is an image taken from nasa satellite of the cloud structure of earl. the most amazing thing we're doing, look at this image here. this is the first time we've ever taken an unpiloted
8:34 am
research vehicle over the top of' decaying hurricane. this is hurricane frank. 60,000 feet and can stay over the hurricane for 50 hours and this is new. >> and what do you learn from photos like this? >> well it's not just the photos, it's the data that is being collected by the instruments on both aircraft. these are flying laboratories. we're taking scientist and their instruments into the upper levels of the storm. here you see scientists working at their instrument stations. global hawk has instruments as well. there is an instrument package we drop out of the back of the hurricane and into the eye and measures things and sends data back to the aircraft. so this is all high-tech, high- level science and we are go where no other aircraft are able to go. >> and when we talk about something happening right now, such as earl, what can we expect nasa doing as we speak now with earl? >> as we speak, the global hawk drone, the unpiloted vehicle, is flying over earl.
8:35 am
it's on a mission to study the storm this morning. it will be out in the storm for several hours. we've flown three missions into earl with the nasa dc 8. we got great data on a process we call rapid intensification. as this storm was rapidly intensifying, we've been watching the storm for several days and we'll be down there the rest of the month. as more storms come off, we'll fly into them. >> and can you tell us what you've learned from earl so far that might help us out in the next couple daves? >> we were in earl as the eye was coming together from bits and pieces of thunderstorm and to get that timing exact, to get research aircraft out during the critical few hours, that was a fabulous achievement of this experiment. and the global hawk i'm sure is going to collect data never, ever been taken over that high of a storm. so we have high hopes we can
8:36 am
answer vexing questions about intensity change. >> keep us posted. jeff halvorson, it's good to know you're keeping an eye on it. >> thanks. watches and warning from north carolina to canada. the storm is disrupting many labor day weekend plans. we are live from ocean city, maryland, with a live guest. good morning, sherry. >> reporter: we are under a hurricane watch at this point and so we are keeping an eye on hurricane earl even though it's expected to be 125-150 miles off shore. we'll still get pounded by high winds. with me is the mayor from ocean city. what are you expecting today and going into tonight? >> we're expecting this storm to effect us early friday morning. so it will be a night storm for the most degree and probably move out of here late friday afternoon. so we're prepared for tropical
8:37 am
storm winds, 40-50 miles per hour, sustained, we know we'll have high surf, some beach erosion. we're warning everybody, we're making sure everybody is aware of what is happening. we're tieing down all loose items and securing construction sites and making sure our residents and visitors know to secure all of their items, not to go outside during the height of the storm and to pay close attention to the life guards with regard to beach restrictions. >> reporter: let's talk about that. because we're seeing waves 6-8 feet high and talking about swells 12-15 feet up the coast. what are your restrictions for people getting in the water. >> we have no restrictions as far as access to the beach and the beach should remain open except during the height of the storm. that is a call by the life guards. i know yesterday for a wild they would only allow you to go in up to your knees because of the rip currents and that's what we're most concerned about. we want to make sure everybody listens to the life guards and don't go in the water when the life guards aren't on duty.
8:38 am
that's a mistake that doesn't work out well and we want everybody to understand that. >> reporter: now the governor has declared maryland a state of emergency. you've seen people in the outer banks for north carolina. what are you telling people for evacuations here? >> we'll follow it closely and continue to monitor it but that hasn't been on our radar. i've been in close contact with governor o'malley and we're both sending out the same message. that allows him to dispurse need or aid to anywhere in the state we may need it. i don't think we'll need it. not during this storm. but we share the same message is this is what it will be like after the storm but wait for the storm passes before you make a trip to ocean city for the weekend. >> reporter: and you have half a million people coming for the labor day weekend and how do you deal with the influx of people. >> well i think we'll still have that same crowd.
8:39 am
the storm should pass through friday and most people don't leave until later in the day. and during saturday morning, there shouldn't be any problems at all. we're just asking everybody to monitor the storm and determine when to travel. >> thank you, mayor rick meehan from ocean city. and so should it come closer to shore, the situation could change but no evacuations here in ocean city. >> sherry, thank you very much. d.c.'s first lady breaks down and cries after the most recent mayoral debate. >> we'll look at what sparked the emotions when we come back. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you want a sweet labor day weekend then you probably want to come to the middle eastern festival where we are live and getting a preview of the more
8:40 am
than 40 different kinds of hand made sweets they'll have this weekend and that's only just the beginning. we'll talk more food and fun next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
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8:43 am
president obama kicks off peace talks yesterday meeting with leaders from palestine, israel and jordan and egypt and then he had dinner with them. president obama said he's cautiously hopeful that mideast leaders can settle their differences. long-tam lawmaker from maryland is facing corruption charges this morning. maryland state sent for ulysses curry took favors for bribes. in the washington post it said an indictment was just filed in baltimore after a six-year investigation by the fbi. the prince george's county democrat worked as a consultant for the supermarket chain. his lawyer said the charges are unfounded. fireworks between the candidates running for d.c.
8:44 am
mayor at the museum yesterday. during a debate council chair vincent gray and mayor fenty went at each other at the debate with 12 days before the d.c. primary. each trying to show they would do a better job. mayor fenty's wife withh was with him -- was with him. and michelle fenty said she is hurt that people think her husband is arrogant. >> i think the point is the reason he goes out there every single day moving 1,000 miles per hour is for the people. and it's hard to understand that the whole point of his actions is for them. it's very difficult. >> mrs. fenty is an attorney and cares for the couple's three children. she said she will be on the campaign trail more. and tune in for a live debate during fox 5 morning news tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. right now it is 8:44 a.m. on this thursday morning. it's a middle eastern
8:45 am
experience. holly has a really good one for you. >> she is at the holy transfiguration church in mclean, virginia, where they are hosting a middle eastern food festival this week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you don't have any plans for labor day weekend you need to come to this festival. if you already have plans you might want to reconsider and come to this festival. and you do come, stop eating. from this point until you get here on saturday and sunday. and i'm going to show you why. because it will be quite the feast here and we'll start with the grilling guru. this is the man behind the meat here. and i hear that it's all about your family's guarded secret. >> the spices. we have like 13 spices, be sides salt and pepper we have 11 spices that are specifically for the middle eastern cuisine. and the meat is top loin beef and leg of lamb sliced and
8:46 am
marinaded for like 48-72 hours. >> reporter: oh, wow, so you marinade it for quite sometime. >> yes, of course. >> reporter: and then you slow cook it on the rotisserie. >> and we slice it also. >> reporter: it looks so tender. >> very tender. >> reporter: and then you make it into sandwiches? >> yeah. the sandwiches we have, the sandwiches here, party and onion and then the meat and sauce, tomato and pickle. >> reporter: and now you've been doing this festival for like 17 years, right? >> yes. >> reporter: so i'm going to try a little bit of this. how many sandwiches do you go through in a weekend. >> through a couple of thousand sandwiches. >> reporter: a couple thousand? you keep talking and i'll keep eating. no, you are doing a great job. if you call this salt and pepper, i'm going to get the other 11 spices out of here
8:47 am
before i'm done. he's willing to share. thank you very much. lani is going to talk more about this whole extravaganza here. what do we have going on? >> these are things you'll find inside. we have the grape leaves and the hummus, spinach and meat pies. >> reporter: who makes all of this? >> all of us. all of the women and men of the parish. >> reporter: have you been cooking since february? >> no. it is very intense. and the flavors are good and strong. and here we have wonderful spices like the meat pies and those kind of things. >> reporter: and while all of this looks wonderful, one must save room for dessert, especially when you have 40 different kinds of sweets. so tell me about the sweet treats here. >> we have a big assortment of sweets, some of it is stuffed with walnuts or dates or pist
8:48 am
ashus. and this is a sample of some of the best baklava. and this is fillings and cakes and flavor. >> reporter: and some wonderful middle eastern coffee that we've been enjoying. >> that should help to wake you up. >> reporter: do i really need to be awakened any more? tell us what you are doing over here. >> this roll is what i'm going to demonstrate. so i've taken two and buttered them and another two sheets of them and a pure rendered butter. put in a quarter cup of walnuts. >> reporter: and you're not allowed to use the d-word. no diet. >> diet the next day. you can't diet when you are coming here. and so then you roll this guy up like this. the lights make these a little
8:49 am
bit dry. but any way, we're getting it there. again with the butter. butter, butter, butter. >> slap it on sister, i love it. >> and bake it and put cold searup on it. >> reporter: you do it and i'll come and eat it. here is what you need to know. the holly transfiguration church here in mclean is this saturday and sunday. 11 to 11 on saturday, noon to 6:00 on sunday. it doesn't cost anything to get in. you get to use all of your money toward this wonderful food. in the next hour we'll talk more about this wonderful parish because you want to learn more about the church and we'll do that in the 9:00 hour. back to you guys. >> looking forward to it, holly. thank you. we are cracking open the business bin with the arrest of t.i. and his wife tacoma were arrested on drug charges. police in los angeles took them in custody overnight after smelling what they believed to be marijuana coming from their
8:50 am
car. bail is set at $10,000. there is no word if he posted jail. he was released from federal prison in december for gun charges. 8:49 on this thursday morning. a big brawl broke out during the nats' game last night and we'll share the video coming up next. and if you're looking for work, check out our job shop at, the job of the day today is at nike factory store at anne arundel mall. they are looking for a store manager. stay tuned, fox 5 morning news will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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during last night's nat's game, morgan was clothed line. he rushed the mound after a ball was thrown behind him after already hit by a pitch earlier in the game. morgan and the pitcher ejected with florida manager ed win rodriguez who was jawing it up
8:54 am
with riggleman. riggleman was ejected later along with nats pitcher doug slaton after slaton hit a marlin's batter in retaliation. it started the night before when morgan barreled into hayes and had his shoulder separated. and now the preseason winds down tonight for the skins. the burgundy and gold face off against the cardinals in arizona. mcnabb sitting out with an injured ankle. team making cuts down to the 50 player limit and then on to game one of the new season against the cowboys at fedex field. that game one week from sunday. a deer in china. a waitress offered the deer a first taste of beer. it's been drinking an average of two bottles of beer every day ever since. the folks who look after him say that he drinks wine also but only if there is no bill
8:55 am
around. they claim he won't touch water. this is animal cruelty. i'm done. i don't even want to look at that video. 8:54 on this thursdaying morning and that will do it for me. allison and gurvir will be here to take you up until 10:00. >> bye-bye, steve. nice to work with you today. >> we'll see you tomorrow. coming up, the video that left so many people reacting. babies and toddlers being rushed out of the discovery channel building during the hoffage standoff. much more to come. i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids,
8:56 am
played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
8:57 am
♪ ¿por que no probamos esto? [ male announcer ] old el paso. a special blend of seasoning for especially delicious tacos. feed your fiesta. go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up.
8:58 am
a massive category four hurricane heading up the east coast. north carolina's bracing for possible impact and maryland and virginia are already under stages of emergency. we're going to take you live to ocean city as we track
8:59 am
hurricane earl. plus -- >> we started getting e-mails telling us to get ourself locked up into the closed offices up there and be safe. >> chaos in downtown silver spring when a gunman stormed into the discovery building when employees and many children stuck inside, it all came down to a violent end but none of the innocent were hurt. the latest on the investigation and what could have led the suspect to such extreme measures. good morning, i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is off today. >> and i'm allison seymour. and tucker is in for tony. we're looking at hurricane earl and more here. >> and let's give you the latest from earl. still a formidable category four hurricane pushing off to the northwest. and let's look at it. just very impressive overnight and continues to intensify in the last couple of hours although the pressure is up slightly. so that's good news. maybe it will start to weaken as it encounters wind shend
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